Vale launches new Code of Conduct

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Vale launches new Code of Conduct

Vale launched on Wednesday (March 10th) the new revision of its Code of Conduct. The document gathers the company's ethical principles, which are based on its values and its purpose. The objective is to guide everyone who works on behalf of Vale on how to act with integrity, overcoming dilemmas and always making the best decisions in an ethical and responsible manner.

“The launch of the new Code of Conduct is an important step in strengthening our commitment to ethics. The new code presents our ethical principles in a simple and clear way. Here at Vale, we believe that everything starts with ethics and integrity. And that is why we decided to relaunch our main normative document: to reaffirm this commitment shared by all of us ”, explains Denis Cuenca, Vale's Chief Compliance Officer (CCO).

To see the document, access the Code of Conduct page.

Click here to learn more about the company's ethical commitments.


Vale launches new Code of Conduct