Vale Supports Transfer of Rhinoceros to Environmental Reserves in Malawi

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Vale Supports Transfer of Rhinoceros to Environmental Reserves in Malawi

imagem de mapa que mostra trajetória dos rinocerontes
Mapa mostra a jornada dos rinocerontes. Fonte: African Parks

Since last Wednesday (13), Malawi has been home to 17 black rhinoceros that came from South Africa. The international transport action of these animals is one of the largest ever carried out. It is the result of the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Vale and African Parks Malawi, and it was supported by some institutions, such as WWF, Save the Rhino, and KZN Wildlife.

Black rhinoceros, endangered species, were brought to the country to populate and contribute to the balance of the environment. Currently, there are less than 5,500 animals of this species in the wild, so bringing them to environmental conservation areas is also essential to ensure their survival.

The rhinoceros were released at Majete and Liwonde parks, which are located near Vale railroad in Malawi. From now on, they will be closely monitored by these parks to ensure their health and proper adaptation to the new environment. Protection measures include aerial monitoring, ground patrols, and 24-hour real-time tracking technology.

In addition to being one of the tourist attractions, these animals contribute to the local ecosystem, which was lacking these species.

Sustainability Investment in Africa

In addition to the transportation of rhinoceros, Vale actively contributes to preservation of nature and development of the local community. The company invests in road and access road maintenance, fencing (to prevent animals from accessing areas that may present a risk), and income generation programs focused on beekeeping, which include training as well as acquisition of equipment and materials for the activity. These programs offer the community the opportunity to benefit from proximity to natural reserves without having to exploit its resources as a source of income.

“Our goal is to provide opportunities for the communities near Vale to have a better quality of life through sustainable income generation, as well as helping with environmental preservation in the region,” explains Marco Froes, Regional Sustainability manager for Africa.

Check out pictures of the arrival of the animals

photo of rhino in nature reserve 
photo of men preparing rhino for transportation 
photo of rhino being released into the reserve 
photo of the plane that made rhinos transportation 

Vale Supports Transfer of Rhinoceros to Environmental Reserves in Malawi