Women's Month: female employees from the administrative area tell their stories at Vale

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Women's Month: female employees from the administrative area tell their stories at Vale

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On Women's Month, Vale proudly honour the female employees who have such diverse positions, ranging from equipment operators to leaders of high executive positions. On this very important date, Vale reinforces its commitment to gender diversity, which is fundamental to building the company we want to be.

For this, Vale invited women from the operational, administrative and management areas to share their stories. Meet Angélica Azevedo, Tracy Yao and Rosileide Silva, three women who work in the administrative area and have in common the representation and the pride of being part of Vale’s history.

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Angélica Azevedo

Angélica Azevedo

Position: Administrative Assistan

Time in the company: 1 year

Location: Espírito Santo - Brazil

A member of the Operational Management team, Angélica Azevedo is very proud to be the first wheelchair user at the Tubarão Unit (ES) and to represent behavioural and infrastructure changes. For this educator, the phrase “A woman's place is where she wants to be” has always been an impulse to remember her own values and her greatest inspiration: her mother! Angélica has been with Vale for one year and three months and has followed the changes with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion. For her, valuing the skills of women helps to make companies even more productive.

"I see that Vale has been working hard to improve, not only its physical structures, but its behavioural and cultural structures related to including women in an environment that has always been masculine."

Tracy Yao

Tracy YAO

Position: Account Manager – Iron Ore

Time in the company: 16 years

Location: Shanghai, China

Tracy Yao has been part of the Vale team for 16 years and has held various positions, including manager of Vale’s commercial operation for Base Metals and manager of the Iron Ore account in Shanghai, China. Currently, Tracy is a salesperson for Iron Ore. For her, the rapid development of the industry in China and the expansion of the labour market have shown the country's potential to treat people more fairly, regardless of gender.

“I am fortunate to work in such an open environment so that I can have the same working conditions and opportunities as a man. Women represent half of the world's population, which represents half of its potential. Gender equality is essential to achieve our full potential and sustainable development."

Rosileide Silva

Rosileide Silva

Position: Administrative Assistant

Time in the company: 10 years

Location: Maranhão (Porto Norte) - Brazil

This year, Rosileide Silva celebrates 10 years in Vale. Normally, to accommodate her workday she leaves home early and only sees her family at night. But with the pandemic, she had to reinvent herself. Currently, this administrative assistant has the challenge of protecting everyone's safety, helping with the Covid-19 testing schedule, in addition to fulfilling demands from PPCM management and some contractors from Porto Norte.

The social worker said that over the years she has seen many advances in relation to the diversity agenda. With great pride, Rosileide is part of our LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group and says that she has already had the opportunity to learn a lot about gender and sexuality issues.

“We have achieved a milestone in our lives and in our careers: entering a space that until recently was seen as ‘man's work,’ because we didn't hear about mining companies before. We women are being recognized as professionals, regardless of our position, but because of the importance that we have in the company and in society as a whole.”

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Soon, we will tell new stories of women who help build a better and more inclusive Vale. A new Mining By Women season is coming soon, with new episodes that will showcase more about the trajectory and daily lives of female employees from different backgrounds, cultures and locations which inspire other women to be part of mining industry.


Women's Month: female employees from the administrative area tell their stories at Vale