One of the things that makes Vale a competitive mining company is operating good railroads. In Brazil, where our biggest mining systems are, we operate approximately 10,000 kilometres of railroad network, and have agreements in place to use lines in African countries and in Argentina.

Through VLI - Valor Logística Integrada – we also provide logistics services to third parties. In addition, we operate long-distance passenger trains on two important stretches in the country.

To enhance such competitiveness and sustain expansion of our operations, we are developing projects to increase railroad capacity.

Read more about our main railroads and expansion projects:

  • Map of the Vitoria - Minas Railroad

    Vitória – Minas Railroad

    Brazil Brazil

  • Map of the Carajas Railroad

    Carajás Railroad

    Brazil Brazil


  • Map of the Duplication of Carajas Railroad

    Duplication of Carajás Railroad

    Brazil Brazil

  • Map of the Nacala Corridor

    Nacala Corridor

    Mozambique Mozambique

  • Vitória – Minas Railroad

    Country: Brazil
    Extension: 905 kilometres
    Primary points linked: Iron ore operations from the interior of Minas Gerais state to Tubarão Port, Espírito Santo state
    Cargos transported: Vale iron ore and general cargo for third parties (coal and agricultural products)

    Operates passenger train service used annually by 1 million people

  • Carajás Railroad

    Country: Brazil
    Extension: 892 kilometres
    Primary points linked: Mines of Carajás, Pará state, to Ponta da Madeira Sea Terminal, Maranhão state
    Cargos transported: Iron ore, pig-iron, manganese, copper, fuels and coal

    Operates passenger train service used annually by 350 million people

  • Duplication of Carajás Railroad

    Country: Brazil
    Description: This project is set to increase transportation and distribution capacity from Carajás mines, Pará state, from 130 to 150 metric tonnes per year (mtpy). To achieve this, Vale will build extra 115 kilometres of the Carajás Railroad, purchase locomotives and cars and build a fourth jetty at the Ponto da Madeira Sea Terminal

  • Nacala Corridor

    Country: Mozambique
    Description: The goal of this project is linking the Moatize coal mine to Nacala-à-Velha, where Vale will build a deep-water sea port, revamping some 682 kilometres of existing railroads and laying a new 230- kilometre section. The corridor will cross the south of Malawi, which borders Mozambique