Kronau Project Environment and Community Involvement


Kronau Project Environment and Community Involvement

We are committed to the communities where we operate—both local and global. We strive to exceed required legislation, paying constant attention to environmental issues, respecting local cultures and acting ethically in all business practices.

The Kronau project is part of that commitment. We’ll pursue it in a way that makes sense for Vale as a company, but is also sustainable and beneficial for the people of Kronau, Saskatchewan, and ultimately the world.

Careful consideration has gone into the planning and design of the Kronau Project potash mine in order to help minimize any negative effects on the environment, our communities and employees.

  • Health and safety: As the Kronau Project team expands, we will build an organizational culture that empowers employees to work safely.
  • Location: The project site was chosen because its geology provides natural containment for brine within the tailings (waste) management area.
  • Power supply: The Kronau Project will utilize a dedicated combined heat and power plant for processing operations.
  • Community engagement: Vale has been sharing information about this project with Aboriginal communities, rural municipalities and the general public since 2011. Feedback has been incorporated into our plans and designs, and conversations will continue.
  • Local jobs and procurement:  We estimate we’ll invest billions in construction. A lot of this investment will be focused on Saskatchewan-based goods, services and labour.
  • Social investments and public partnerships: Our goal is to be a part of the Kronau community for a long time, and to be good neighbours from the very beginning. Like helping to transform the local curling rink into a multi-purpose facility, we seek to strengthen social and economic development in the area.

Cover of Vale Kronau project environment impact studyTo learn more about the Kronau Project's environment impact study, click here to see our executive summary.



Community Involvement Update

Calvin Fehr and community membersAs we worked through the feasibility study, our goal was to be a good neighbour from the very beginning. To this end, we established the Community Advisory Group. The group was made up of representatives from the RM of Edenwold, Lajord, Sherwood, residents in and around Kronau, members of the provincial government, as well as local business leaders and public servants.

The group put forward considerations and suggestions for the Kronau Project construction plans and operations. Should the Kronau Project advance, we will let you know how we put this feedback to use. All group documents are listed below:

Vale Community Advisory Group Project Charter
April 2015 Meeting Minutes
May 2015 Meeting Minutes
June 2015 Meeting Minutes
July 2015 Meeting Minutes
August 2015 Meeting Minutes
September 2015 Meeting Minutes
November 2015 Meeting Minutes
Considerations Register