Kronau Project


Kronau Project

The Kronau Project’s final feasibility study has been completed.

Key FactsFour Vale employees drilling core samples near Kronau, Saskatchewan

  • The potash discovery spans 51,840 hectares and is part of the Prairie Evaporite Formation, a geological layer that is located at 1,600 to 1,750 metres underground

  • We estimate the mine will produce some 3-4 million tonnes of potash per year for over 40 years while contributing significant economic benefits to the community

  • The core facilities site was chosen because its geology provides natural containment for brine within the tailings (waste) management area

  • Support infrastructure for the project will include water, power, natural gas, communications, and road and rail access

  • The project will use a dedicated combined heat and power plant during operations

  • We have been consulting with Aboriginal communities, rural municipalities and the general public about this project since 2011



Mission: Zero 

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 On June 11, 2015 we honoured our commitment to the health and safety of our staff and communities by adding our name to the Saskatchewan Health & Safety Leadership Charter. The Charter advocates the continuous improvement of healthy and safe workplaces and communities. If the Kronau Project proceeds, we will continue to build an organizational culture that empowers employees to work safely. Signing the charter is a big step towards that goal.