About Nickel Powder

Nickel Powder

About Nickel Powder


Vale is the worldwide leader in carbonyl nickel powder, which we produce at our Copper Cliff Refinery in Sudbury, Ontario, and at the Clydach Refinery in Wales, U.K. Our high-quality powder is low in iron and sulphur content, uniform and optimized for a variety of applications.


CGNP™ Nickel​​​​​

CGNP is a grey and white looking powdery substance set against a black backdrop

CGNP™ is used primarily as a fine nickel material for dissolving applications. These include precursors for electroplating and batteries. 

This high-purity nickel, which is non-explosive and non-flammable, is the preferred nickel feed for producing nickel salts including nickel sulphamate, sulphate and chloride to name a few.​


T123™ Nickel Powder​​​​​​

T123 Nickel Powder is a grey and white looking powdery substance in the shape of round balls. set against a black backdrop

T123™ Nickel Powder from our Copper Cliff refinery in Sudbury and Clydach refinery in the U.K. is composed of discrete, spiky nickel particles.

 Its unique features make it perfect for powder metallurgy or in catalyst applications. 



T255 is a grey and white looking powdery substance that is long in shape and set against a black backdrop

T255™ is a high-purity nickel pow​der with a fine, three-dimensional filamentary (or chain-like) structure. T255™ is produced at the Clydach Nickel Refinery in the U.K. and it is recognized as an industry standard feed for the production of sintered rechargeable battery electrodes. It is used in numerous other applications as well.​

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