Nickel for Stainless Steel

Nickel for Stainless Steel

Nickel for Stainless Steel


One of the primary uses of nickel is to make stainless steel. The nickel products we make that are destined for use in stainless steel are manufactured in plants that meet the highest industry standards, and are produced to the highest quality to ensure consistent and reliable results for our customers.​

They are also designed specifically to be handled in automated charging systems and can be added at various stages in the stainless steel production process. The nickel that we use for stainless steel is produced at our sites in Brazil, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and China. We maintain a worldwide sales and distribution network and provide clients with technical support to fit their needs. 

The following products are designed for stainless steel production:​​

Onça Puma Ferronickel​

Onca puma ferronickel is a light-brown powdery substance.
Onça Puma Ferronickel is an irregularly shaped iron-nickel metallic shot produced at our operation in Brazil.​

Click here for the Ferronickel Product Data Sheet.


Tonimet in the shape of small, round, grey pebbles, piled up together
Tonimet, from our Matsusaka Refinery in Japan, is a nickel briquette designed for use in the production stainless steel, alloy steels and nickel alloys.

Click here for the Tonimet Product Data Sheet.​​​​

Utility Nickel

Utility Nickel is silver and irregularly shaped.
Utility nickel is an irregularly shaped metal shot designed to be an ideal nickel additive for stainless steel and alloy steel production. Vale produces it at three locations in Asia: Kaohsiung, Taiwan, Onsan, Korea, and Dalian, China.​

Click here​ for the Utility Nickel Product Data Sheet.​​​​​


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