Long Harbour

Aerial view of the Long Harbour Processing Plant

The Long Harbour Processing Plant (LHPP) began operations in 2014 and will employ about 475 people at full production. The LHPP and the Voisey’s Bay mine  and concentrator are an integrated operation. Nickel concentrate from Voisey’s Bay will be shipped to Long Harbour to be processed into finished nickel and associated copper and cobalt products.

In designing the LHPP, Vale sought to develop a new, more efficient process for processing Voisey’s Bay concentrate than traditional smelting and refining. In advance of commercial plant construction, an extensive $200 million R&D program was launched to explore the feasibility of hydrometallurgical (hydromet) technology. Based on the success of this program, a decision was made to build a commercial-scale hydromet facility in Long Harbour.


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