An underground laboratory, bacteria extracted from copper, the biggest train in the world, simulators of super-machines, discoveries on Mars! We have many stories to tell! We invite you to explore our interactive multimedia content, videos, photos, infographics, games and be surprised by Vale!



One of the longest trains
in the world circulates
on Brazil's most
efficient railway.

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Bird conservation

Learn about the fascinating Little Blue Macaw and Harpy Eagle, and there's also a game to play in which you help the little birds from Paraguay find their way home!

Infographic: Title blue macaw Video: The flight of the harpy eagle Game: Returning home

Copper bacteria

Technology identifies bacteria that “eat” copper
in order to extract and sell the metal.

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Unravelling the
mysteries of the universe
from the depths of
an underground mine.

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Truckless logistics system, dry processing,
fewer CO2 emissions: learn about the
technologies that are part of biggest
project in the mining industry.

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Discover the plant and animal species and
the attractions at our parks and
reserves in a virtual tour.

Reserva Natural - ES Parque Botânico em São Luís - MA Parque Botânico em Vitória - ES Parque Zoobotânico em Carajás - PA

Preservation of the Kanak language

We value and contribute to the recovery of local cultures
in the areas where we operate.

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Discover the world’s biggest ore carrier, each
capable of transporting 400,000 metric tons.

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People, Planet and Value Creation.
To Vale, everything is connected.
Read about our actions and results.

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