Vale Living with Lakes Centre: A global leader in water conservation studies

Vale Living with Lakes Centre: A global leader in water conservation studies

​We all know that water is one of the earth’s most valuable resources, consumed by everyone, every day, for personal, domestic and industrial uses. So in 2008, we proudly contributed $4.5 million to the construction of the $20-million Vale Living with Lakes Centre at Laurentian University.

Vale Living with Lakes Centre is constructed of light-brown bricks and has a curved exterior wall It’s a global centre of excellence in freshwater ecology, environmental restoration and sustainability. And it’s located in the heart of one of our most important communities: Sudbury, Ontario.

The building is both beautiful both ecologically and aesthetically. It’s one of the most environmentally advanced buildings in Canada, using geothermal energy and collecting, treating and recycling rainwater. The building has LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification and will save over $1 million in energy and water costs over the next 25 years.

What goes on inside the building is just as remarkable as the outside. It provides a space for Laurentian University scientists and researchers to study northern aquatic systems, their health and remediation. They tackle issues like climate change and industrial development in northern climates. 

The studies, in turn, help our company and others to measure the effectiveness of environmental protection work. With that information, we aim to ensure that we make a positive impact in protecting our waterways now and in the future.​