Shareholders Debentures

Shareholders Debentures

Vale issued and distributed to its shareholders 388,559,056 non-convertible shareholders debentures in April 1997. Each debenture correspond to each Vale share, common or preferred, outstanding at the time of the company’s privatization.

Since October 28, 2002, the debentures have been traded in the secondary market at the SND (the National Debenture System), under the supervision and operated by CETIP S.A. (the Cleaning House for the Custody and Financial Settlement of Securities).

The debentures are registered at CETIP under four series, with the codes CVRDA6, CVRDB6, CVRDC6 e CVRDD6. Vale encourages the investors interested in any additional information about the debentures daily transactions to visit the website (available only in Portuguese).

Access the trading prices:

Any additional information about the debentures trading, as well as copies of the Prospectus of Public Trading of Participating Debentures, are available for interested investors, and may be obtained by containing either the company, GDC Partners Serviços Fiduciários DTVM Ltda, or CVM (the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission).

Payment date Related period Distributed amount per
shareholder debenture
09/29/2017 1H17 R$ 0.581174220
03/31/2017 2H16 R$ 0.620127949
09/30/2016 1H16 R$ 0.422570669
03/31/2016 2H15 R$ 0.329581176
09/30/2015 1H15 R$ 0.264663354​
03/31/2015 2H14 R$ 0.319463652​
10/01/2014 1H14 R$ 0.413654261
04/01/2014 2H13 R$ 0.318470233
10/01/2013 1H13 R$ 0.022900766​
04/02/2013 2H12 R$ 0.033898116​​
10/02/2012 1H12 R$ 0.023391514
02/02/2012 2H11 R$ 0.029336342
10/03/2011 1H11 R$ 0.028242528
04/08/2011 2H10 R$ 0.015466940
04/01/2011 2H10 R$ 0.019122262
10/01/2010 2H10 R$ 0.019122262
04/01/2010 2H09 R$ 0.022283018
10/01/2009 1H09 R$ 0.018609739
04/01/2009 2H08 R$ 0.020278492
10/01/2008 1H08 R$ 0.028621408
04/01/2008 2H07 R$ 0.022239671
03/31/2008 2H05 R$ 0.009204598
03/31/2008 1H05 R$ 0.002977650
10/01/2007 1H07 R$ 0.025455344
04/02/2007 2H06 R$ 0.031087407
10/02/2006 1H06 R$ 0.021564359
04/03/2006 2H05 R$ 0.011557036
10/03/2005 1H05 R$ 0.012456479
04/01/2005 2H04 R$ 0.019005992
- 1H04 -
04/01/2004 2H03 R$ 0.012062780

For the 1H04, the premium relative to the shareholder's debenture amounted to R$ 0.0023042 per debentures (less than R$ 0.01), therefore, as approved on September 16, 2002 by the General Meeting of the Holders of Non Convertible Shareholder Debentures issued by Vale in 1997, the Company postponed that payment. Such distribution was added to the payment which took place on April 2005.