How to activate the Job Alerts function

How to activate the Job Alerts function

Step 1: Access the Job Portal 

Access the job portal

Click here to access the Job Opportunities page or here to access the Job Portal directly.

Step 2: Click on New User to begin registration

You'll find the New User button on the top right corner of the page. 

Step 3: Complete all the applicable fields

Complete all the applicable fields

Complete all the applicable fields, read the Terms and Conditions and if you agree, click Register. After completion, you will be redirected to the Job Search page. 

Step 4: Enter a keyword and then click Save Search

Enter a keyword

How to use keywords:

  • Phrases: Use double quotes (", ") around words that make up a phrase. (For example: "year-end report")

  • All Words: Use an ampersand (&) to specify that all words must appear in​​ the results. (For example: documents & reports) 

      Any Words: Use a pipe (|) to specify that any word must appear in the results. (For example: 'year-end report' | report)

    Partial Strings: Use an asterisk (*) to          search for partial strings. (For example: document* would return words beginning with document, such as documents, documentary, documentation)​

     It is NOT case sensitive

    Step 5: Save your search 

    Save your search

    Save your search by Naming the search, tick the Notify Me checkbox, and click Save Search.

    Your search is now saved! View all your past saved searches and note when they will expire.

    FAQ about Saved Searches

    • How long does my saved search last before it expires? ​

    The length of a saved search lasts for 365 days

    • What is the maximum number of saved searches I can have?

    You can have a maximum of 10 saved searches

    • How many job matches will appear in the email for one saved search?

    20 job matches will appear

    • How often does the job search run?

    The job search process runs every day at 3:30 PM EST