Life in Thompson

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Life in Thompson

Fifteen male vale employees spend some time together in a Vale warehouse in Thompson​For true nature lovers, Thompson, Manitoba, is the place to be. 

Thompson is one of Vale’s northernmost locations in Canada, located 830 kilometres north of the Canada-U.S. border and 740 kilometres north of the province’s capital, Winnipeg. It’s set within the ruggedly beautiful Canadian Shield, with lakes and forests on all sides.

The city, known as “the Hub of the North,” was named after John F. Thompson, who was the chairman of our company when the Thompson ore body was discovered in 1956. It has since grown to about 13,000 residents, many of whom are part of Thompson’s large and thriving Aboriginal community.

Thompson gets a short but warm summer, when residents take advantage of the outdoors. Hunting, fishing and camping are all within a short drive of the city. 

But residents of Thompson really embrace the winter. With an annual mean temperature of -3˚ C, they must. Thompsonites like to get out snowmobiling – or “sledding” – on trails and lakes right near home. Cross-country skiing, skating and ice fishing are other popular passtimes.

Approximately 900 people work at Vale in Thompson, which is the headquarters of our Manitoba Operations. The 250-acre site is comprised of two underground mines and a mill.

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