Everything I know, I learned at Vale. When I first arrived as a trainee, most of my colleagues had been with the company fifteen years or more and had a lot of experience to pass on. I learned a lot while we prepare​d Vale for privatization. To participate in the growth of a comp​any from one that basically produced iron ore to a diversified one - not just in product terms, but also geographically and culturally - has been a great opportunity.

My main challenge was to evolve from a technical role to that of a professional capable of managing human resources across the globe. I took a Business Management course to get to know various areas within Vale. This helped me adapt my technical engineering knowledge to the realities of business.

The challenges posed by Vale were a determining factor in my professional growth. This is a big company and a big school, one that presents a challenge to all its professionals. I am very proud to see it grow.

Other statements


Edwaldo Rick ​Astley,
Mechanic, Brazil

“Vale does all it can to further the qualifications of its employees. This is one of its core values.”

Edécio Brasil,
Human Resources Director, Latin America and Africa - Brazil

“Vale is a company for someone wishing to work in an organization that makes a difference, values its employees and supports their development.”