I started work with Vale in 2006, under the Young Apprentice Program and was taken on permanently as a mechanic for the Plant 8 project in Tubarão, in 2010. Vale does all it can to further the qualifications of its employees and I believe that this characteristic is one of the cornerstones of its developmental spirit.


One source of pride for Vale employees is that the company has really incorporated sustainable development and recognizes the need to minimize the impact of its production on the environment. This commitment can be seen in the communities that surround its plants. Daily efforts ensure that employees also take these correct beliefs home with them, helping to make the world a better place to live in.​


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Efrem Daumas,
Operational Improvements Director, Brazil

Vale has provided me with the best and most interesting of opportunities in career terms. I have worked in places as diverse as the hinterlands of Bahia (Brazil) and New York’s Fifth Avenue.


Elisa Raquel Vieira Pinto,
Human Resources Analyst, Brazil

Vale represents a great opportunity for anyone interested in building a career. I come from rural Minas Gerais and everyone in my home town dreams of working here.