Vale has provided me with the best and most interesting of opportunities in career terms. I have worked in places as diverse as the hinterlands of Bahia (Brazil) and New York’s Fifth Avenue. I have lived in five different states in Brazil and in two other countries. This diversity of scenarios is very important as it helps us experience situations and events that are often hard to come by in other companies.

We have a program in my area with sixty trainees from Canada, UK, Australia, Indonesia, Mozambique, Oman and Colombia, all living together in the Vale environment. This is a reflection of what Vale is today, effectively a global company.

The first challenge here is to obtain the necessary qualifications to work in the area required by Vale. I am a Geology graduate, but have worked in Port Operations, Project Development, Iron Ore Commercialization and Logistics Development prior to my current position in Operational Improvements.

With Vale’s support, I have been able to specialize in Business Management, Economic Engineering, and obtain an MBA in International Business. I initially recognized the need to further my understanding of Economics while working with Projects and Strategic Planning. I completed my MBA at a later stage, while working with International Business.

If you want to work for Vale, come and see us! Vale is a growing company that provides an extremely fertile environment in which to achieve your professional goals.​


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Elisa Raquel Vieira Pinto,
Human Resources Analyst, Brazil

Vale represents a great opportunity for anyone interested in building a career. I come from rural Minas Gerais and everyone in my home town dreams of working here.


Emanuelle Stein,
Administrative Assistant, Brazil

In Vale, you get the opportunity to see various areas and find yourself, and that is everything a student needs.