I am a company administrator and work in the Organizational Development area of VLI, a Vale Group company. I thrive on challenge and felt motivated here from the day I started. My role is to help build the identity, culture and processes of this new Vale company, while achieving synergy with the Group’s existing processes.​

Vale believes in encouraging the professional development of its employees and developing well recognized processes to assess skills and potential. To work here, it is fundamental to possess characteristics such as mobility, flexibility and dynamism.​

The importance that this company attributes to health and safety in the workplace is also impressive. Never before have I worked in a place so concerned with our safety. I believe that the company’s principal attributes are its investment in sustainability and its excellent career assessment process. I am sure that the challenges ahead will contribute to my professional and personal development.


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Kristina Fransiska Muntu,
Accounting Manager - Indonesia

I opted for a career with Vale because it is one of the world’s largest in my chosen field.


Karina Marques Pereira,
Operational trainee, Brazil

I admire the concern shown by Vale for the quality of life of its employees, both in the working environment and elsewhere.