I first wanted to be part of this team when I was still living at home. My mother worked for Vale for many years. I started with Vale’s Apprenticeship program in 2011, and I am currently at the practical stage of operational training in the Samples Laboratory, which carries out production control tests.

I knew exactly what I wanted when I joined the company: to obtain a degree in Production Engineering and continue in the industrial sector. The study grant provided by Vale to enable employees to continue their studies is a very important benefit.

I admire the concern shown by Vale for the quality of life of its employees, both in the working environment and elsewhere. It is an excellent company to work for, one that is fully aware of its environmental role and, therefore, supports various projects to reduce its impact upon the communities surrounding the workplace. The Vale Foundation and the Valer educational initiative also make me proud to work here.


Other statements

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Kristina Fransiska Muntu,
Accounting Manager, Indonesia

I opted for a career with Vale because it is one of the world’s largest in my chosen field.


Lindsay Verlaan,
Plant Engineer, Canada

Working in Sudbury means I can be home with my family every night. Here, I feel valued in my work environment.