I joined Vale in 2001, through its trainee program, and was later taken on permanently by the Railroad Operations area. My first challenge was to acquire the necessary technical knowledge. The second was to learn to control my natural impatience for things to happen quickly and understand that it was necessary to understand the company culture first and make my contribution later.

With Vale’s support, I completed an MBA in Management at Fundação Dom Cabral and the Kellogg Business School (Northwestern University), as well as leadership training at IMD and MIT. Through the company’s Career and Succession Plan, I was able to receive valuable feedback for my life and career. I am certain that all the promotions I have received can be attributed to this program.

What fascinates me the most at Vale is the opportunity to deal with a variety of activities and business operations within the same company. You can grow professionally without moving to a new employer. The wealth of business activities under one roof gives us a more global operational approach.


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Marcelo Mancini,
Environmental Engineer, Brazil

The major differential of the engineers’ program is the basic project training, equivalent to a post-graduate degree in the area.


Sandro Rossi,
Railroad Operations Manager, Brazil

Vale is an excellent place in which to develop and offers concrete opportunities. All that remains is for its employees to know how to make the best use of them.