Where Do I Fit In?

Where Do I Fit In?


At Vale, there are many ways for you to apply your education, skills and technical expertise in rewarding jobs in your field.

Explore the diversity of positions we offer within Canada and see where you might fit in.  

Overview of positions offered in Canada
Where do you fit in? Jobs at Vale

Within Canada, we provide jobs for all of the different professionals listed below. Read the career profiles below and learn where you fit in.

Mining Engineers

​Mining Engineers build mines. They plan and design the development of mines, mine facilities, systems and equipment. And they plan, organize and supervise the extraction of ores from our underground and open-pit operations. They provide advice on the most suitable mining methods for each situation, taking into account the safety and health of workers and protection of the environment.

Chemical and Metallurgical Engineers

Chemical and Metallurgical Engineers at Vale conduct research; design and develop chemical processes and equipment; oversee the operation and maintenance of mineral processing and refining plants; and perform duties related to quality control and environmental protection.

A Vale employee conducting research

Mechanical Engineers

Mechanical Engineers are in charge of research, design, development, operation and maintenance of machinery and systems within our plants. They also undertake project work and feasibility studies related to the evaluation, installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical systems.

Electrical Engineers

Electrical Engineers design, develop, research, and evaluate electrical and electronic equipment and systems. They oversee and assist with new installations and modifications to existing equipment and systems. They are the troubleshooter if equipment malfunctions and they provide advice on interpretation of specifications and regulations for electric equipment.

Civil Engineers

Civil Engineers design and manage projects for the construction or repair of buildings, roads, facilities and services. They also do building and structural inspections, surveying and planning.

Geological Engineers

Geological Engineers conduct studies to analyze geological and geotechnical conditions in our mines. They design, develop and supervise programs of geological data acquisition and analysis, and prepare geological reports and recommendations for the development of short- and long-term mining.

A Vale employee conducting research

Geologists and Geophysicists

Geologists and Geophysicists carry out exploration and data analysis to learn more about the structure and composition of our ore bodies. They work co-operatively with our Mining Engineers to plan and do mineral extraction.

Two vale employees evaluating materials from the earth

Engineering Technologists

Engineering Technologists work independently or as part of a team to provide technical support, process analysis, quality control and environmental monitoring in all of our engineering disciplines.

Environmental Engineers/Scientists

Environmental Engineers/Scientists design, research and co-ordinate environmental studies and projects at all active mines and plants. They also oversee decommissioning of our sites.


Chemists/Analysts perform analysis of geological materials such as drill cores and ore samples, as well as liquid and solid process samples, to ensure that our products meet or exceed the excellent standards our global customers expect from Vale.

Human Resources Professionals

Human Resources Professionals work on innovative projects in systems design and organizational development across the company. They are integral in hiring, orientation, training and development, managing collective bargaining agreements, administering salaries and benefits, and resolving dispute.

Accountants and Business Professionals

Accountants and Business Professionals prepare earnings and cash-flow forecasts; work on projects involving capital allocation, acquisitions and investments; and provide accurate and timely information of all kinds to senior management.

Information Technology (IT) Professionals

IT Professionals have many roles in our company. IT Project Managers plan and direct national or global IT projects to help Vale improve business performance and achieve its strategic goals.

• Senior technical analysts provide consultation to business units across the company, make recommendations for technology solutions, write detailed technical specifications to ensure that new features meet Vale IT standards, and implement strategic plans for specific technologies within Vale.

• Senior Client Relationship Business Analysts (CRBAs) act as the liaison between IT and business departments to ensure that all IT activities are aligned with business requirements.

Process Operators

Process Operators operate and monitor process control machinery and equipment to manage the processing of mineral ores, molten metals, electrolytic solutions and nickel metal. This entry position to the organization provides motivated individuals the chance to progress to more advanced positions, including management roles.


Miners drill, blast, and operate a variety of hand-held and remote-controlled pneumatic, hydraulic, electric and diesel mining machinery to extract ore. They also construct and maintain tunnels, passageways and shafts in our mining operations.

Four Vale miners geared up to explore a Vale mine

Industrial Mechanics/Millwrights

Industrial Mechanics/Millwrights install, maintain and repair hydraulic equipment, mechanical drives, conveying systems, overhead cranes and pumps, and carry out precision alignments. The wide range of equipment types and diversity of our processes provide opportunity to utilize the full range of industrial mechanical skills.

Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics

Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanics diagnose, repair, overhaul and maintain hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electric equipment used in mining activities.

Industrial Welders

Industrial Welders operate electric, oxy-acetylene and arc welding equipment to weld ferrous and non-ferrous metals to make and repair mining equipment and machinery.


Machinists set up and operate a variety of machine tools to cut or grind metal and similar materials for the fabrication of process equipment, and mining equipment and machinery.

Industrial Electricians

Industrial Electricians install, maintain, test, troubleshoot and repair electrical equipment and associated electrical and electronic controls.

Two Vale employees hard at work in front of a computer

Industrial Instrument Mechanics

Industrial Instrument Mechanics repair, maintain, calibrate, adjust, and install industrial measuring and controlling instruments, including remote-control systems and Distributed Control Systems.