Term Labour Pool Opportunities


Term Labour Pool Opportunities

Thompson, Manitoba – Term Labour Pool (TLP)

A headshot of a male Vale emplyoee wearing his protective safety gear.The Term Labour Pool (TLP) creates an opportunity for retired Vale employees to return to work for an assignment. The assignment has to be a minimum of one week and up to a maximum of six months. TLP workers are not a part of the bargaining unit during this period of employment.

TLP workers will receive the wage specified in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for the job class that applies to their assignment. The other contractual monetary and service benefits do not apply. Your retirement benefits and pension will not be affected by joining the TLP.

If you are interested in the TLP, please complete this online registration form. Please indicate your availability and any other information that will help the Manitoba Operations match you to an appealing assignment.

Please understand that Vale Manitoba Operations can offer no guarantees that employment will be offered to you. It is completely dependent on the type of assignments that come along and the skills and qualifications that are required. Putting your name on the contact list does not obligate you to accept an offer of term employment and you can remove your name at any time.

For further information about the Term Labour Pool program, please contact our Recruitment and Selection team at (204) 778-2953 or United Steelworks Local 6166 at (204) 677-1700.​​