Research Incentive

Research Incentive


Vale believes that innovation brings sustainability into business, improving the company's performance and positioning it for new opportunities. Therefore, our company is selecting and can support research and development projects (R & D) related to the mining industry worldwide, through the Supply and Demand Cycle.

Since 2009, when it was created, the Executive Management of Technology and Innovation Board supports and invests in initiatives in partnership with the academic community in Brazil and abroad.

The objective is to stimulate the development of new understanding and technologies, contribute to the training of qualified human resources and support the consolidation of research groups in the regions where we operate, related to the company's strategy.

The exchange of information happens between our employees and researchers at universities, institutions, companies and other R&D organisations.

We have several R & D projects on the go, covering from specific challenges of our operating areas, as well as broader issues such as the reduction of environmental impacts and the social and economic growth of the population. This activity is closely related to Vale's policy of contributing to the training of qualified human resources and supporting the consolidation of research groups in the regions where we operate. We believe in a world with new values. Read on to see how you can be part of this story!


The deadline for submission of R & D proposals is 06.03.2016.

Sending R&D projects for assessment

We receive R&D proposals through our online platform which is open to an external audience as well as our own employees. If you are interested in sharing your knowledge and collaborating with scientific and technological development in diverse areas, read the conditions and carry on to find out if you qualify and to fill out the application form.

Vale supports projects of basic research, applied research, experimental development and technology transfer (concepts adapted from Manual Frascati)1.

Basic research is associated with conceptual theoretical studies to obtain new understanding, usually in long-term projects. Support for these projects reaffirms Vale's commitment of advancing the frontiers of knowledge in areas of interest to the company.

Applied research projects are fundamentally directed to a specific practical objective. Experimental development studies aim to prove the practical application of products and equipment. Both types try to solve specific scientific and technological challenges of the company's operations.

Finally, technology transfer aims to acquire existing and proven solutions which will bring benefits to Vale's various areas.

1. Frascati Manual 2002: Proposed Standard Practice for Surveys on Research and Experimental Development, 6thEd., 2002.