Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Procurement


Vale Newfoundland and Labrador Procurement

​​Effective, ongoing partnerships with individuals, businesses and communities in Newfoundland and Labrador go hand-in-hand with the successful development and operation of our mining and processing facilities in the Province. 

Vale has established a number of procurement principles that guide our approach to developing Long Harbour and Voisey's Bay, principles designed to enhance opportunities for Newfoundland and Labrador businesses to benefit from the project. 

Vale gives first consideration to provincial suppliers to participate on a competitive basis in the supply of goods and services to the project where such goods and services meet our commercial and technical requirements, taking into account such relevant factors including but not limited to price, quality, technical suitability, service, and delivery. 

All suppliers, contractors and subcontractors selected to supply goods and services must meet our commercial and technical requirements. In addition, all suppliers, contractors and subcontractors involved with Vale will be required to adhere to Vale’s procurement principles. 

Note that the procurement selection process for Vale Newfoundland and Labrador, is slightly different than other Vale locations. Be sure to refer to the process for becoming a Vale Supplier in Canada for all other opportunities by clicking here.

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