Vale Vendor Portal


Vale Vendor Portal

The new Vale Vendor Portal (V V P) is now live in Vale Canada. The portal is an online platform engineered to enhance and ease the procurement process between Vale and its commercial partners by improving the integration throughout the purchasing process.

With the new V V P, we seek a nimbler and more efficient company and expect to bring more visibility into all the procurement process phases to our suppliers. The development of this new tool took into account the easiness for users and the transparency on the operations. 

The Portal will offer a series of benefits:

  • Single and integrated platform: centralization of different procurement processes on a single platform;
  • Procurement on-the-go: the platform can be accessed on mobile devices, such as tablets and smartphones;
  • Simpler and friendlier solution: the platform follows modern user experience concepts of social networks;
  • Support services for internal users and exclusive support channels for vendors;
  • Improved automation of the Service Entry Sheet functionality to help Vendors monitor payment processes and reduce the risk of payment delays.

How can Vendors join the new VVP?

Click here​ for the Onboarding Guide to V V P​.

VVP is available for navigation

The onboarding phase has begun. Vendors can log into the Portal to get familiarize with the new online environment. At this stage, Vale's customized environment is not active yet but Vendors will be able to navigate without conducting any transactions. ​


VVP User Guide (Training Guide)

Click here​ to access  the V V P​ user guide or click here to access the V V P administrator guide​.

The training material includes such topics as accessing the tool and navigating between the different modules. 


For any V.V.P. related questions, consult our FAQ or call us toll free at 1-844-392-8535.