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“I’m dying inside… My father is dead, my mother and I do not speak, I have no friend to whom I am the most important, my self-harming is no longer aiding in keeping the pain away, I am doing terribly in school, I am bullied to the point of avoiding school, I am probably depressed but can’t confess to my mother I can’t to see my doctor, I am just so so so sad all of the time. I know that you guys believe that suicide is ‘a permanent answer to a temporary problem’ but I’ve tried and tried and nothing’s getting better.”

​This cry for help was submitted to Kids Help Phone and was answered, in the following excerpt, by one of their professional counsellors:

“You’re in so much pain and I wish I could just take it away. You’ve written so clearly and succinctly, you almost have me believing. Almost. And then I come to your last line where you say ‘…I don’t want to die–I just have no idea anymore how to live.’… Together maybe we can find a way.”

Kids Help Phone is Canada’s only 24/7 national service offering bilingual (English and French) professional counselling, information and referrals and volunteer-led support to young people, this, according to the Kids Help Phone website.

The registered charity, which was launched in 1989, offers help via phone, live chat, and new this year, texting, as well as an in-school national program called, Counsellor in the Classroom, of which Vale is committed sponsor.

Counsellor in the Classroom promotes the discussion of mental health and well-being amongst students in grades six through eight. It’s divided into two parts: 1) teacher-led learning, followed by 2) a 45-minute live conversation with a counsellor.

Vale is committed to helping reduce the stigma around conversations regarding mental health. We’ve even had a number of our own employees come forward to share their own stories as part of our annual Mental Health Awareness campaign. It is with this in mind that we wanted to find a way to not only support our employees, but also the kids in our communities who are struggling and might feel they have nowhere to turn.

Erin Satterthwaite, senior advisor, Communications and Community Investment

In the first half of this school year, there will be a total of five Vale-funded sessions in Sudbury at local schools like Copper Cliff Public School, Confederation Secondary School and others.

The first Counsellor in the Classroom session took place on November 14, 2018. In an email to our Corporate Affairs department that afternoon, Mary Grossutti, senior manager, Knowledge Mobilization, Kids Help Phone wrote: “Our counsellor, who completed the first Vale-funded Counsellor in the Classroom, reported that she was ‘impressed that the class had prepared questions and were curious… not only were they thinking of ways they could support a friend – the question was: How can I support a friend who’s having suicidal thoughts?” – but when asked for ideas, the students’ first answer was, ‘Call Kids Help Phone!’” Success! The message is being heard, and internalized.

Later that same day, the classroom teacher emailed Kids Help Phone with this positive feedback – “the counsellor was excellent” – and a request for a second session for her other Grade 7 class.

Counsellor in the Classroom goals include:​

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