As a mining company, we recognize that our operations impact the environment around us. Vale is constantly searching for new and better ways to preserve the balance between human progress and the natural environment. When a work site has finished its lifecycle, we work as hard as we can to return it to the way it was before we started.

small, green tree seedlings 

Our Pledge for the Planet


Vale is committed to keep the quality of the air we breathe clean and pristine, through monitoring and managing emissions in our work places, developing less carbon-intensive processes, and keeping the public informed about our environmental responsibilities.

Learn more about Vale’s Carbon Program and our proven strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


Vale’s operations across Canada actively manage large quantities of water as a part of storm water control, dewatering of mine workings, ore processing, domestic uses, and power generation. We are committed to test and protect the quality of water that we use in our work and in our daily lives.


Vale is active in reclaiming sites affected by the impacts of mining, both historically as well as on our own de-commissioned lands. Re-vegetating and spreading seed and fertilizer by airplane are examples of how the company is working toward improving the landscape.​


Working in collaboration with governments, scientists and our own environmental teams, Vale initiatives are helping to restore and preserve wildlife habitats to support diverse species.

Learn more about Vale's commitment to Biodiversity.