Page 18 - 2017/2018 Annual Update on Vale in Manitoba
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Community outreach
Value our people
We feel there are no borders when it comes to reaching out to people. That is why you will find us talking to individuals and groups in Wabowden, Nisichawayasihk Cree Nation and Thicket Portage, as well as at the Thompson Rotary Club or Thompson Chamber of Commerce.
That is also why we serve on boards and committees, such
as MAMI’s Indigenous Relations committee, the Thompson Aboriginal Education Advisory committee and the City of Thompson Communications committee. You will also see us participate at events, such as Keewatin Tribal Council’s Duty to Consult workshop, UCN’s second annual Truth, Reconciliation, and
the Road to Wellness Conference, National Indigenous People’s
Day celebrations, and MKO’s Aboriginal Skills and Employment Training Strategy Conference.
We collaborated with the Northern Manitoba Sector Council, USW Local 6166 and Thompson 2020 to establish Workforce Adjustment Services to assist workers in finding pathways to employment
following adjustments at Vale Manitoba Operations. And we helped host two Northern Job Fairs providing both affected Vale workers and Thompson residents at large with opportunities to meet potential employers.
We continue to participate in career and outreach events
at local schools and provide industrial tours for students and other interested parties. We initiate informational meetings with the Community Liaison Committee (CLC) and through our annual Open House during a special Vale Night event. We also continue to support dozens of charitable and non-profit organizations, such as the Boreal Discovery Centre.
2017/2018 Annual Update on Vale in Manitoba
Mwāc nitāstākatinan ithiniwak tawici isicihcimakihcik. Tapiskoc kiwapaminan pikwiti ka itahkamikāhk iwīcihīwiyahk. Niwicihiwanan oma
ka othasowaniwik akwa kamamawapinaniwik
ota misiwī nipīskihtāskināhk mina oko nanatōhk akawatamowīna kapamināhkwaw. Īwako ōhci katāhkohtastayahk ithiniwī kiskinwahāmaki wicihīwiwin oko kawikocicik kistithimikowinihk ōhci.

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