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 A message from Ricus Grimbeek
 In May 2018 I took on the new
role as Chief Operating Officer
of North Atlantic operations and Asian refineries, which includes operations in Canada, the UK and Asia. These past months have seen a lot of change throughout our organization. A new organizational structure for the Base Metals business will maximize integration within our operations and across Vale as a whole. I am confident that we are now well-positioned to fully realize our potential as a reliable and sustainable contributor to
the broader business and to our communities. In our ongoing mission to be prosperous and sustainable, we want to build a better business and a better world.
The industry of the future must be a safe one. and I hope employees will come to understand that safety is at the core of everything
I stand for. My desire is to run a business where people’s safety is guaranteed — one where no lives will ever be lost or changed as a result of a serious workplace injury or illness. While this guarantee may seem elusive,
we are going to see a profound transformation of the mining industry as a result of digital technology. If we are willing to embrace this reality by acting fast and thinking differently, I know
that we will be able to unlock a new level of safety performance that today is hard to imagine.
And as we exponentially improve safety by using technology to better manage work, the rest will follow in terms of our improved ability to be productive, profitable and sustainable.
The decision in 2010 to decommission the Smelter and Refinery gave plenty of time for our people, the Company and
the City of Thompson to prepare. Still, this transition has been an emotional time for our employees and the broader community of Thompson. I want to sincerely thank all of our people who, over the years, have made significant contributions to our smelting and refining operations in Thompson. During a very challenging number of years, employees
have managed to improve safety, significantly reduce unit costs
and achieve positive production results. They have truly lived
our Company value of ‘Make it Happen’.
There has been excellent work to transition to a mining and milling operation — one that will continue to be a vital part of our North Atlantic operations well into the future. In June,
the Thompson Concentrate Loadout Project was successfully completed. The de-watering and loadout facility ensure we can continue to ship valuable nickel concentrate from our Mill. The project was completed on time, on budget, and most importantly, very safely — with more than half a million person-hours without a lost-time injury.
We will pursue growth in Thompson by considering previously deferred studies and by expanding our exploration, development and capital investment in the near term. As we do so, we must continue to pursue operational excellence, innovation and continuous improvement. My plan is to enroll employees at all levels in this work, along with USW 6166, government stakeholders, the local community and Indigenous peoples. Only by working together will we truly be able
to maximize our potential for success as we embark on this transformative journey together.
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