Page 4 - 2017/2018 Annual Update on Vale in Manitoba
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We are all SafeProduction leaders
SafeProduction is an ongoing commitment to achieve zero harm to people, the workplace, the communities in which we operate and the natural environment. Since 2003, employees have been trained how to use the tools of risk management, regular audits have been conducted, and a re-launch was initiated. Now, SafeProduction is helping every employee be a SafeProduction leader.
This is being achieved on many levels, but starts with a leadership training program conducted jointly by management and union officials. Two new roles were created to provide training and coaching on investigations and
Leadership training is a key component of SafeProduction.
reporting. A major overhaul of the mines training process was also started to further reduce workplace risk.
Crisis management is also improving as it is introducing
a mentoring system for new employees coming into those roles. A major change from task safety management to process safety management is the focus of a new Process Safety Management system.
As part of the holistic approach
to SafeProduction, a five-
year mental health strategy is being developed for Manitoba Operations. The joint Vale-USW Mental Health Committee, among other things, will develop a curriculum for Workplace Wellness training, maintain a mental
health dashboard and support community efforts, such as the Defeat Depression Walk/Run.
Many existing practices that
help support the goals of SafeProduction continue. One example is the voluntary health screening, which continues to get participation from more than 90% of employees.
2017/2018 Annual Update on Vale in Manitoba
 Ayakwamī nokōhtawinihk nikanastāwak ika
kita mamathinikit awina, ita katoskaniwāhk,
ihtawīna ita katoskiyahk akwa aski. Aspin 2003, otatoskiwak kiskinwahamawāwak ta isi apacitācik apacihcikana ika tawantōtasōcik. Anōc niwīh kocinan tawicihakihcik kāhkithāw otatoskiwak ayakwami nokōhtawinihk nikāniwak.

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