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Toward Sustainable Mining
Sharing our story
Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) is a performance system developed by the Mining Association of Canada (MAC). It is a set of tools and protocols that help mining companies evaluate and manage their environmental and social responsibilities, with emphasis on sharing this information.
The protocols are highlighted in the accompanying circle graph. Within each set of protocols are dozens of tasks to meet the TSM objectives and government regulations.
These tasks range from sampling effluent in the Tailings Management Area to holding regular meetings with the Community Liaison Committee (a group of stakeholders from surrounding communities and
Tailings Management
Aboriginal and Community Outreach
Biodiversity Conservation
Crisis Management
Safety and Health
Energy Use and GHG Emissions
Thompson 2017
         A AA
    The dashed red line represents MAC’s goal for all member facilities to achieve a Level A or better in all indicators.
organizations in Thompson), government reporting and more. More information can be found on the MAC website at www.mining. ca/towards-sustainable-mining.
Of special significance this year is our SLAM Dunk recycling program.
It was one of three finalists in the TSM Environmental Excellence Award. In 2017, Vale was able to divert more than 90% of its waste material from landfill. Saleable and recyclable items include cardboard, office paper and scrap metal.
2017/2018 Annual Update on Vale in Manitoba
 Yakoma kwayask tipapāh cikiwin monahīsoniyawana
ohci ki othastāwak misiwiskamik Canada ta wicihācik monahīsoniyawana okimawina aski ta nanakacihtacik mina kitapāhcikiwina. Ikwani ōho nikotwasik pāhkan isīhcikiwina kita pāhci katiwa. Ikwani ōho pāhpiyak mihcit isīhicikiwina īhtakwanwa tawicihikocik oko monisoniyawinihk. Yakōma kaki othasinahīkātik nōkwan kwayask itotamāhk.
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Environmental Hotline Calls
Most calls regard air quality (sulphur dioxide). As of July 2018, these emissions ceased.

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