Page 7 - 2017/2018 Annual Update on Vale in Manitoba
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    Hub meetings are designed to connect and engage people by breaking down silos for a more agile approach to problem solving.
Vale Production System
   Engaging our people
In February, Vale introduced the Vale Production System (VPS) — a management model that engages employees at all levels to pursue operational excellence, especially the safety of all employees.
VPS is designed to build a culture of teamwork, transparency, ownership and continuous improvement. The pillars of
VPS are the company’s values, leadership development and technology. VPS training is being rolled out throughout Manitoba Operations.
Hubology is one process that will help VPS move forward. Hubology or Hubbing, is a way of connecting and engaging people. It breaks down silos or
barriers by using cross-functional teams within Manitoba and across the North Atlantic Operations
for a more ‘agile’ approach to problem solving. It develops more collaborative work environments to help focus on getting the basics right by planning, scheduling and executing work with certainty and precision. It also embraces technology that provides real-time data to make real-time decisions.
The Hubbing process will allow Manitoba Operations to be
more productive, profitable
and sustainable — but most importantly, it will exponentially improve safety, which is vital to achieving operational excellence.
Manitoba Operations employees will see the use of technology increase across all parts of the operations. This could change how work is allocated, how progress is reported and how problems are solved. It will also help the business become safer and improve the way people design, plan and execute work.
                       2017/2018 Annual Update on Vale in Manitoba

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