Page 8 - 2017/2018 Annual Update on Vale in Manitoba
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Exploration Activities
Back to the skies
Airborne electro-magnetic geophysical surveys conducted in the 1940s to the 1960s guided the Company’s field exploration in the Thompson Nickel Belt.
In February and March 2018, exploration was back to the skies with a modern helicopter-based electro-magnetic survey.
The modern technology and techniques are more sensitive and will detect potential ore bodies much deeper than the historic survey. The data collected in the 2018 survey will guide exploration programs for years to come.
Most other exploration was in- mine at T-1 and T-3, particularly
at the north end of T-3. Through aggressive underground drilling programs, exploration teams will evaluate and advance extensions of known deposits, satellite deposits and new resource zones both north and south of existing mines.
 2018 Exploration Areas
For 2018, at Thompson mine, the exploration program is split between underground drilling and mine design studies.
Growth Opportunities Exploration
Looking West
2017/2018 Annual Update on Vale in Manitoba
 Ati nikānihk kiyapic monahīsoniyawana nitawīhtakwan tananākacihcikatik. Kakipi akimīht Opawāhcakinasis akwa Mikisi pisim Vale ki apācihtawak apācihcikana tatipaskatāhkwaw itāmaskāmik. Ikota kiwīhcikipathinwa tantowī soniyāwasīni kapit itamāskamik. Kotaka nitonawīwak soniyawasiniya itamaskamik T-1 akwa
T-3 monisoniyawanihk.
More than $154 million dollars have been invested in exploration in Manitoba Operations since 2007.

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