Harpy eagle


Harpy eagle

gavião real

Harpy eagles

Carajás National Forest is a breeding area for harpy eagles. Vale is contributing to biodiversity conservation and participating in preserving this forest.

The presence of harpy eagle nests makes it vitally important to preserve this region, which is a favorable environment for adult birds that will help to ensure the survival of new generations. Vale is committed to promoting sustainability and upholding its corporate value of caring for our planet.

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It all began in 2007

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Gavião Real

How the book was produced

To capture the images that illustrate the book, photographer João Marcos Rosa had to spend entire days camouflaged with his equipment on a platform built in a tree 35 meters up from the ground.
8 months

The publication reflects the work of a group of researchers who spent eight months monitoring two harpy eagle nests found in the Carajás National Forest. The nests were home to two eaglets, seven and nine months old.

professional climber

João was assisted by a professional climber, who deployed ropes to enable him to get to the top of the tree and stay in place there.

The results of these efforts are 144 pages containing unprecedented images, such as of a female eagle taking food to her nest and eaglets learning to fly

Photos of harpy eagles

The book also depicts the harpy eagle's presence in other parts of Brazil and Venezuela, and shows readers how some human activities can help protect the species, while others jeopardize itInteresting facts 

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