Vale Innovation Program for the Environmental Protection of Western China

Vale Innovation Program for the Environmental Protection of Western China

The Vale Innovation Program for the Environmental Protection of Western China was launched in December 2010 and is a partnership between Vale and China’s Center for Environmental Education and Communications (CEEC), part of the Chinese Ministry of Environmental Protection.

China’s rapid economic growth in recent years has placed increased pressures on the environment. One of the areas particularly vulnerable to this pressure is Western China, which is the source of many major rivers in China, and a region with a high concentration of forests, grasslands, marshes, and lakes. As a company operating in China, Vale encourages and promotes sustainable development efforts in the country in order to address the climate change challenge by adopting concrete preventive measures.

The program is the first to present awards that honor and promote ecological conservation in Western China and funds such innovative projects in Western China developed by NGOs, the government, or individuals that have contributed significantly to the protection of the environment. Through this program, Vale also hopes to encourage the public to engage in environmental activities that can help protect the ecosystem so as to promote sustainable economic, social and environmental development of the region.

Vale has received more than 100 proposals from across China and identified several innovative ideas that if implemented well, will greatly benefit Western China. As a result, in June 2011, a group of specialists appraised the proposals and allocated RMB 1.8 million for two special awards (RMB 250,00 each), five awards for excellence (RMB 200,000 each), nine incentive awards (RMB 250,000 each) and five individual awards for outstanding contributions (RMB 10,000 each).

A brief summary of the seven champion projects

Special Awards (x2)

Special Awards - Gaoligong Mountain Biological Corridor Project

Special Awards - Pendeba Nature Reserve Protection & Social Development Project

Awards for excellence (x5)

Awards for excellence- Shaanxi Hanzhong Crested Ibis Protection Project

Awards for excellence- Guizhou Lake Area Farmer Education Project for the Environment

Awards for excellence - 213 Highway Wildlife Protection Project

Awards for excellence - Guizhou Fenggang Tea Fair Trade and Sustainable Development Project

Awards for excellence - Green Sanjiangyuan – Qinghai and Beijing Joint Action Project