Vale presents strategic planning for 2019 in London


Vale presents strategic planning for 2019 in London


On December 6th, Vale presented the outlook for next year at a meeting with investors and journalists in London. The event, in its 16th edition, was broadcasted live on the internet. CEO Fabio Schvartsman evaluated that this was a good year for Vale and the same can be expected for 2019. The company is investing US$ 2.9 billion over the next five years to reach a 95% share of premium products

According to the CEO, flight to quality is a reality that has come to stay. Schvartsman also said that Vale plans to complete the nickel turn before electric vehicles become a reality. Vale's strategy for 2019 will be based on five strategic pillars: sustainability; leading the future in iron ore; unlocking value in coal; value and optionality in base metals; and rewards of strategy.

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Check out the highlights below:

Check out the highlights below:

Sustainability and Institutional Relations

Luiz Eduardo Osorio - Executive director

“Sustainability is totally embeded in our culture, in the way we do business, across our organization, throughout our daily operations. We will continue to invest in social environmental programs that we strategically selected this year. Our efforts are paying off: we are recognized by international bodies with some awards. We are ranked in the top 40 companies by the World Corporate Human Rights Benchmark 2018. Also, for seven years in a row, we are listed in the UN Global Compact Lead as the only mining company and just recently we were also listed by the Brazilian Stock Exchange Sustainability Index 2019. We are in the right track to deliver the promise made here.”

Luiz Eduardo Osorio Executive director

Ferrous Minerals and Coal

Peter Poppinga - Executive director

“We are leading the quality game. How did we get there? Essentially there are two things we did: invested in our competitive advantages - which are Carajás and the ability to make high quality pellet feed in the Southeastern System. And the second thing we did: we consolidated and implemented our differentiation strategy. Supported by flight to quality we were able to differentiate ourselves.”

Peter Poppinga Executive director

Base Metals

Eduardo Bartolomeo - Diretor Executivo

“Turnaround fundamentally is to have a stable, efficient and valuable operation. That’s what we are going to do. (...) Technology is the way to accelerate the supply chain integration and the operation excellence.”

Eduardo Bartolomeo Diretor Executivo

Finance and Investor Relations

Luciano Siani Pires - Chief Financial Officer

“When it comes to competitiveness we have another US$ 2 billion just based on things that already exist, such as S11D remaining ramp up, the freight cost reduction, the matrix cost management program, digital initiatives and alike. In iron ore alone, we’ll have close to US$ 3 billion of incremental EBITDA in the next five years.”

Luciano Siani Pires Chief Financial Officer

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Vale presents strategic planning for 2019 in London