I joined Vale as a trainee and worked in various areas within the company. I lived in various places and travelled to all the areas in which the company operates. These were challenging experiences that demanded commitment, creativity, decision making abilities (sometimes difficult) and a big personal and professional effort. However, at the end, they left a rich legacy and prepared me for the challenges to come.

I had training opportunities, studied in some of the world’s best business universities and took part in some excellent internal programs. The Careers and Succession Plan is an example of a mature process in Vale.

This is a company for someone wishing to work in an organization that makes a difference, transforms the regions in which it operates, brings progress wherever it goes, recognizes and values its employees and supports their development. Investment in its employees is a condition of survival for a company like Vale.

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Edwaldo Rick Astley,
Mechanic, Brazil

Vale does all it can to further the qualifications of its employees. This is one of its core values.


Efrem Daumas,
Operational Improvements Director, Brazil

Vale has provided me with the best and most interesting of opportunities in career terms. I have worked in places as diverse as the hinterlands of Bahia (Brazil) and New York’s Fifth Avenue.