I participated in the 2005 Internship Program. Recently, I was taken on permanently as a Human Resources analyst and am currently coordinating the Professional Training Program to provide qualified workers for Vale’s operational base. It gives me great pleasure to see people learn a trade, obtain their first job and fulfill their dreams. These days, I can see that Vale has a more solid operational base thanks to its investments in training.


Vale represents a great opportunity for anyone interested in building a career. I come from rural Minas Gerais and everyone in my home town dreams of working here. The company has a culture of fostering the wellbeing of its employees and the organizational feeling is one of satisfaction. I would say to anyone wishing to work in Vale: take every opportunity to further your professional qualifications and always try to specialize. The opportunities are there, but you must be suitably prepared to face them.​


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Emanuelle Stein,
Administrative Assistant, Brazil

In Vale, you get the opportunity to see various areas and find yourself, and that is everything a student needs.


Jeane Campelo,
Organizational Development Manager, Brazil

The importance that this company attributes to health and safety in the workplace is also impressive. Never before have I worked in a place so concerned with the theme.