I joined Vale through the Internship Program, in January 2010, and was taken on permanently in October 2011. I recommend the program to all students interested in working in the company one day as the chances of being offered a permanent position are high. Furthermore, you also get the opportunity to see various areas and find yourself, and that is everything a student needs.

I have always been keen on working for a global company, particularly when the company in question is Brazilian. Vale is growing, and I see opportunities for professional growth. This is a place of opportunities: if you make the effort, it will be recognized.

I am currently tasked with preparation of Vale’s sustainability reports. My role is to collect operational indicators, both in Brazil and overseas. I get a lot of job satisfaction from my work as I believe in what I do. I fully support the company’s sustainability policy.

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Jeane Campelo,
Organizational Development Manager, Brazil

The importance that this company attributes to health and safety in the workplace is also impressive. Never before have I worked in a place so concerned with the theme.


Kristina Fransiska Muntu,
Accounting Manager - Indonesia

I opted for a career with Vale because it is one of the world’s largest in my chosen field.