Since joining Vale in 2005, I have had the opportunity to participate in various conferences, workshops, training programs and courses. I’ve also received support from the company to continue my education, and am currently working towards fulfillment of a PhD. This is an excellent opportunity to acquire specialized knowledge in my chosen field, benefitting both the company and myself.


Working in Sudbury means I can be home with my family every night. Here I feel valued in my work environment. When I leave the mine at the end of the day I feel I have contributed to the company’s goal of extracting ore in a safe and efficient manner. Problem solving and knowing that my work directly contributes to the success of the mine is professionally fulfilling.


Vale’s activities in Canada are important for the stability of the economy and the creation of jobs in my country. It’s good to know that my knowledge is being put to good and productive use.



Other statements


Luis Fernando Landeiro,
Northern Logistics Operations Director, Brazil

What fascinates me the most at Vale is the opportunity to deal with a variety of activities and business operations within the same company.


Marcelo Mancini,
Environmental Engineer, Brazil

The major differential of the engineers’ program is the basic project training, equivalent to a post-graduate degree in the area.