I am a chemical engineer and was hired in 2004 by the Environmental and Logistics area. With Vale’s support, I completed a post-graduate course in Railroad Operations. I am currently manager for the Tubarão area, responsible for coordinating more than 700 employees. When I joined the company, my role involved activities of a more technical nature. However, over the ensuing years I have learned a lot about managing people and have gained experience in both short and long-term career planning.

I can safely say that the company does not cut back on resources when it comes to the career development of its employees. I believe that I was able to develop skills that weren’t part of my training, such as good communications skills and flexibility.  


The basic premises of Logistics are health and safety. We never take a single step without having first ensured that everything is in perfect order, a value that I admire greatly. Vale is an excellent place in which to develop and offers concrete opportunities. All that remains is for its employees to know how to make the best use of them.​


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Andrea Almeida,
Corporate Risk Management Director, Brazil

Vale is a big company and a big school, one that presents a challenge to all its professionals.


Bojan Blazevic,
Human Resources Analyst, Switzerland

I believe that Vale’s greatest attributes are the passion and energy of its employees