The stories we create are the stories that define us. See what our employees have to say about working at Vale:

  • Cristiana Costa e Silva

    Cristiana Costa e Silva
    Analyst - Brazil

    “The team interacts very well and this is something that I will take home with me. I come here in a good mood and leave here in a good mood.”

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  • Bruno Rafael

    Bruno Rafael
    Mechanical technician - Brazil

    “Vale looks after social aspects in the areas in which it is present and has a good relationship with the communities.”

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  • Rogério Amaral

    Rogério Amaral
    Manager - Brazil

    “Vale provides employee freedom in the workplace, and this autonomy as well as a very pleasant environment offer peace of mind when carrying out our work.”

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  • Rodrigo Thompson

    Rodrigo Thompson
    Engineer - Brazil

    “At Vale, you have the option to change careers. If you are not satisfied in one area, it is possible to change your focus to another area that makes you happier.”

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  • Andrea Almeida

    Andrea Almeida
    Corporate Risk Management Director - Brazil

    "Vale is a big company and a big school, one that presents a challenge to all its professionals."

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  • Edécio Brasil

    Edécio Brasil
    Human Resources Director - Latin America and Africa - Brazil

    "Vale is a company for someone wishing to work in an organization that makes a difference, values its employees and supports their development."

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  • Efrem Daumas

    Efrem Daumas
    Operational Improvements Director - Brazil

    "Vale has provided me with the best and most interesting of opportunities in career terms. I have worked in places as diverse as the hinterlands of Bahia (Brazil) and New York’s Fifth Avenue."

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  • Elisa Raquel Vieira Pinto

    Elisa Raquel Vieira Pinto
    Human Resources Analyst - Brazil

    "Vale represents a great opportunity for anyone interested in building a career. I come from rural Minas Gerais and everyone in my home town dreams of working here."

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  • Emanuelle Stein

    Emanuelle Stein
    Administrative Assistant - Brazil

    "In Vale, you get the opportunity to see various areas and find yourself, and that is everything a student needs."

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  • Jeane Campelo

    Jeane Campelo
    Organizational Development Manager - Brazil

    "The importance that this company attributes to health and safety in the workplace is also impressive. Never before have I worked in a place so concerned with our safety."

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  • Karina Marques Pereira

    Karina Marques Pereira
    Operational trainee - Brazil

    "I admire the concern shown by Vale for the quality of life of its employees, both in the working environment and elsewhere."

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  • Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan

    Lindsay Moreau-Verlaan
    Senior Ground Control Engineer - Canada

    "Working in Sudbury means I can be home with my family every night. Here, I feel valued in my work environment."

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  • Luis Fernando Landeiro

    Luis Fernando Landeiro
    Northern Logistics Operations Director - Brazil

    "What fascinates me the most at Vale is the opportunity to deal with a variety of activities and business operations within the same company."

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  • Sandro Rossi

    Sandro Rossi
    Railroad Operations Manager - Brazil

    "Vale is an excellent place in which to develop and offers concrete opportunities. All that remains is for its employees to know how to make the best use of them."

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