Include to transform

Vale is undergoing a cultural transformation that will require contributions from a variety of perspectives, experiences and repertoires. This journey will only be possible if we combine our efforts with a wide range of talents.

We believe that expanding diversity and promoting inclusion are ethical imperatives essential to a sustainable and people-oriented organization. We strive to be a company that is increasingly inclusive and that practices transparent, open dialogue, in which people are respected and can take pride in being who they are. A place for all!

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our objectives

Learn more about our objectives


Double representation of women in the next 10 years and reach a mark of 20% of women in senior leadership positions globally.

People With Disability

Analyze the current level of inclusion for our employees with disabilities, assess their work conditions and implement initiatives that increase accessibility and enhance these professionals' productive and creative capacity, creating positive experiences and raising our level of inclusion.

Local talents

Continuously enhance visibility, development and growth of talents in regions and countries less represented among company leadership positions.


Increase awareness and employee engagement to foster a safe environment in which everyone has a voice, psychological security and opportunities to develop their potential.

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Affinity Groups

We believe in the importance of debate, in the sharing of information and ideas. For this reason, affinity groups, formed voluntarily by employees, have been created to support the common causes and objectives connected to Vale's positioning on Inclusion and Diversity.


Our objective is to connect women to inspire, develop and support one another in the challenges and dilemmas we face during our professional journey. We promote different internal actions to create spaces for dialogue, raise leadership awareness, and reflect on unconscious biases to contribute to the company's cultural transformation.

Flavia Souza, Women's Affinity Group

Mining By Women

Hear the stories of women who help to build a better Vale each day in Brazil and the countries in which we operate. The Mining By Women web series documents the trajectories, routines and challenges of women who work in Vale's diverse departments. These women are opening up new paths and inspiring more and more women to build a career in mining, which has traditionally been a predominantly male sector, to reinforce the fact that a woman's place is any place she wants it to be.