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Whistleblower Channel

Whistleblower Channel

Vale is committed to acting with integrity and transparency, always practicing active listening. Our Code of Conduct gathers the fundamental principles to guide the professional conduct of all who work in our company or act on their behalf.​

Anyone, inside or outside Vale, who wants to report a case of suspicion or ethical misconduct, should use Vale's Whistleblower Channel The channel is an exclusive tool for this purpose, structured to ensure absolute confidentiality, protecting the anonymity of the whistleblower and preserving the information so that a fair investigation can occur. ​

The Whistleblower Channel guarantees all the conditions for a report to be independently verified. Under no circumstances will there be any breach of confidentiality, intimidation or retaliation against the whistleblower.

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Do you want to ​make an allegation?

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Allegations are reports or suspicions of violations of the Code of Conduct, non-compliance with legislation and internal rules, or that may generate risk to the health and safety of employees, the community, and the environment where the company operates. The allegations require an investigation.
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Do you want to ​ make a complaint?

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Complaints are reports that do not represent violations of the Code of Conduct or non-compliance with norms and legislation. Complaints do not require an investigation and may be directed to the responsible areas for proper treatment.
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Do you have a question about our Code of Conduct?​

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Inquiries are questions or doubts about the Code of Conduct and Vale's Ethics & Compliance Program.

You can also make a report ​by phone or letter.

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To follow up on a report, click here.

If you are in Indonesia, please use the local Whistleblower Channel available here.

In order to provide more transparency about our process, we periodically publish information about the activities of Vale’s Whistleblower Channel in our Ethics & Compliance Program Report.

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