Vale China Employees attend naming ceremony of 2nd generation VLOC Yuan Gu Hai

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Vale China Employees attend naming ceremony of 2nd generation VLOC Yuan Gu Hai

On May 16th, a group of Vale China employees took part in an exciting half-day event witnessing the naming ceremony of 2nd generation Very Large Ore Carrier, the Yuan Gu Hai. Members of Vale China’s Iron Ore Sales, Procurement, Business Development, Integrated Planning & Quality Assurance, Legal, Human Resources and Corporate Affairs area, together with Sergio Espeschit, Country Head of Vale China took part in the program.

The day’s events included the delivery and naming ceremony as well as a tour onboard the Yuan Gu Hai – highlighting to Vale employees the innovative nature of these vessels, the importance of our global logistics strategy and our strategic partnership with key Chinese firms.

The name of the vessel also has very significant meaning with “Yuan” referencing our logistical partner China COSCO Shipping, “Gu”, signifying Vale, and “Hai” representing the China State Shipbuilding Corporation.

Sergio Espeschit delivered remarks expressing Vale’s gratitude toward China COSCO Shipping and China State Shipbuilding Corporation for their remarkable work in delivering the vessel. Sergio also highlighted Vale’s 45th anniversary of commercial relations, and the company’s contribution to China’s ongoing sustainable economic development and how events like today’s further commercial relations and bonds between China and Brazil.

Karsten Sommer, Integrated Planning & Control, QA & Lab Senior Manager, commented that the event was very impressive. “This second generation of Valemax has a huge importance for Vale and for our partner as well. It’s shifting the transportation of all our ores to larger and larger vessel. This has a lot of benefits from the logistic side from the environmental side that we could like to hear. These vessels have around 40% less greenhouse gas emission than those of capsize, so we are totally aligned with the Chinese government’s strategy to reduce pollution and emission”, said.

It was very impressive to see a brand-new Valemax and this 400,000 ton carrier being launched in the water and have the opportunity to see the unveiling of the name and to visit the ship, the ship which will take the ores from Brazil to China for the next 25 years is fascinating

Karsten Sommer, Integrated Planning & Control, QA & Lab Senior Manager

He remembered that this year is also the 45th anniversary of the relationship of Vale and China. “So the things coming together will strengthen more and more our cooperation. And Vale in China has entered a very big synergy and I think it will be a win-win-win partnership for Vale for China for the clients for the steel maker and we’ll have a bright future”, said.

Jennifer Wang, Human Resource Analyst, commented with joy, “Today I feel so excited to be here to witness this historical moment for Yuan Gu Hai’s delivery and naming ceremony. It’s very exciting for me because it is the first time for me to get this opportunity to be on the real vessel. It’s a really big vessel and it has only 23 crews on the vessel, so it’s very efficient, very special and amazing. I also witnessed the unveiling of the name so it’s really exciting. I think it’s very meaningful because this year is the 45th Vale-China partnership anniversary. For me, an HR, I usually stay at the office to do a lot of work relating to colleagues and people. This time is really a rare chance for me to be on board the ship to witness such kind of meaningful moment. I feel really honored to be here. Also, I visited the Captain’s room and went up and down in the ship, it’s really a giant ship and the experience is just amazing!


Vale China Employees attend naming ceremony of 2nd generation VLOC Yuan Gu Hai