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Vale Volunteers Program benefits 41,000 people in Brazil and abroad

Getting Vale's values out of the drawing board and put them into practice. With this mission, Vale Volunteers Program has been on the road for more than a decade. The local committees for coordinating voluntary work are currently in 11 Brazilian states and also in countries such as Oman, Malaysia, and Mozambique. Only in Brazil, there are 31 committees spreading solidarity. And those numbers keep increasing, as shown in the 2016 report of the Program.

During the year, 236 volunteer actions were in Brazil, Oman, Malaysia and Mozambique, with impact on 41,000 people. In Brazil 50 municipalities from nine states were served, with about 5,000 volunteer actions. As a part of the Program, campaigns for Easter, Warm Clothing and Christmas were held in 29 municipalities in Brazil, with participation of more than 850 volunteers, serving over 7,000 people.

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Every year, on the first Sunday of December, the V-Day mobilizes volunteers to carry out actions in the various localities where the Vale Volunteers Program is represented by regional committees. In 2016, 25 actions were performed by more than 880 volunteers. Overall, 4,529 people were served in 24 communities.

2017 Vale Volunteers Award

Initiative of Vale Volunteers Program, the 2017 Vale Volunteers Award aims to identify and acknowledge transforming actions made by Vale Volunteers committees in Brazil, as well as initiatives from individual and group of Vale's employees/retirees performed in 2016. Registrations for the contest start on May, 29th, and must be through the website.


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Vale Volunteers Program benefits 41,000 people in Brazil and abroad