Women's Month: get to know the stories of employees who show the power of female strength at Vale's operations

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Women's Month: get to know the stories of employees who show the power of female strength at Vale's operations


Women's place is at Vale too! During March, we want to pay tribute to all the women who build our company. Due that, every Monday during this month, we’ll tell the stories of the women who, with the work and dedication, from equipment operators to leaders in senior executive positions, every day, break paradigms and show that mining is also female.

Learn about the trajectory of Andreely Alves, Nur Lyana Hamdan, Laura Castedo, and Iman Al Saidi. Four women who work in our operations around the world and who share the pride of being part of the construction of Vale's history and endorse female presence in the industry.

Foto Andreely

Andreely Alves
Position: Operation Analyst
Time in the company: 9 years
Location: Espírito Santo - Brazil

Andreely Alves has been part of the Vale Group for almost 10 years! With a degree in administration, her career began as an operational assistant in the Piraqueaçu Supervision team and, recently, she was promoted to operations analyst in the EFVM Passenger Train and Tourist Management.

Andreely says she has always felt welcome, ever since her selection process. A woman, mother and LGBTQIA+, she is part of EFVM's Diversity and Inclusion Committee and our LGBTQIA+ Affinity Group.

"I follow closely every evolution and I can assure that we are on the right track, the number of women and promotions are rising, an achievement for women in our company. I am honored to participate in a historic moment of cultural transformation within a company that I have a more than special admiration, a true love."

Foto Iman Saidi

Iman Al Saidi
Position: Procurement Material Supervisor
Time in the company: 12 Years
Location: Oman

Iman Al Saidi started her career at Vale 12 years ago as a trained engineer in the mechanical maintenance department for one year, then she spent 6 years in this field as mechanical engineer. After that, she opened a new chapter in her career by joining the Procurement team. The challenge was so inspiring that she started a Master Degree in Executive Business Administration from the University of Bedfordshire in the UK. During her studies, Iman got promoted as the Lead of Global Procurement department, a position she currently holds.  

Iman Al Saidi that she has faced challenges early in her career, but that she was able to prove her worth. “In general, there was this perception before that women are not suitable for working in the so called heavy industries. However, nowadays we see more and more women trying to enter or already occupying a role in Vale and this can only bring more confidence to the female workforce to pursuit their dreams.”

Foto Laura Castedo

Laura Castedo
Position: Mobile Equipment Operator
Time in the company: 11 months
Location: MS (Midwest Underground Mine) - Brazil

Laura Castedo's story with Vale began even before she was hired, accompanying her father, who worked at the company until he retired. The mobile equipment operator wanted to follow in her father's footsteps and, one year ago, her wish came true. Laura is the first woman to work in the Midwest Underground Mine, transporting Manganese. "I am always learning to develop my work with Safety Obsession in 1st place. I always work with self-esteem, a smile on my face and the personal protective equipments (PPE’s), which can't be missing!"

In her daily routine, Laura comments that she has faced challenges for being a woman, however, the operator says that the biggest resistance is believing in herself. "I am happy and fulfilled at Vale because the company values women's work whatever the sector, we are always recognized.”

Foto Nur Lyana

Nur Lyana Nadhirah binti Hamdan
Position: Port Operatorbr; Time in the company: 8 years
Location: Manjung, Perak

With a degree in mechatronic engineering, Nur Lyana Hamdan is among the six women who work at Vale's operations in Manjung, a district in Malaysia. She joined the company in 2013 as a yard operator and is currently a port operator, working with ship loading and unloading. Nur Lyana believes that it is important for women to position themselves in the job market and show that they are also capable.

“It’s traditionally not so easy for women to find many opportunities to thrive in the mining sector, but I believe Vale’s diversity commitment will be capable of turning the dreams of many girls out there into reality!”

Vale believes that promoting gender diversity will increase the generation of value for society as a whole. For this reason, Vale aims to double the number of female employees by 2030 and promotes a work environment more and more plural, collaborative and inclusive, besides more attractive to the new talents.

Soon, we will tell new stories of women who help build a better and more inclusive Vale. A new Mining By Women season is coming soon, with new episodes that will showcase more about the trajectory and daily lives of female employees from different backgrounds, cultures and locations which inspire other women to be part of mining industry.


Women's Month: get to know the stories of employees who show the power of female strength at Vale's operations