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Since 2019, we have carried out several actions to mitigate, make reparations and support communities and people affected by the B1 dam collpase or evacuated preventively.​

We work daily to fulfill the mission of making reparation of the damage caused to people and territories by the collapse of the B1 dam, in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, and by preventive evacuations and relocations. Over these almost three years, in addition to indemnities and the Complete Reparation Agreement, we have advanced in actions to support those affected, in initiatives that promote the social and economic development of communities, in addition to advancing in environmental recovery. ​

Our commitment is to make reparation, compensate and contribute to the future of communities. We are committed to building a more humane, safer and increasingly sustainable company, putting people at the center of our decisions. Access the complete reparation report below and learn about the main actions carried out by the Special Board for Reparation and Development in Brumadinho, municipalities along the Paraopeba River and evacuated territories.​

"We remain committed to the fulfillment assumed from the first moment, which is integral reparation, that is, taking care of those affected, improving local infrastructure, reactivating the economy, valuing nature and tourism and caring for the memory of the victims."

- Marcelo Klein
Special Director of Reparation and Development..

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