Repair Overview


Repair Overview

Repair Overview​

Since the first hours after the breach of Dam I, at Córrego do Feijão mine, in Brumadinho (Minas Gerais), Vale has been providing affected people and their families with full support. Several recovery initiatives have been carried out in the social, environmental, Works and secutity sectors.

This page presents the accountability of these actions. Here are released the videos, the vision of the the Executive Board for Recovery and Development and the Repair Report document with all the information compiled.

Repair Report

Get to know all Vale actions in Brumadinho and region

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Studies of more than 2 million analyzes of water, soil, tailings and sediment indicate that it is possible to state that the Paraopeba River will be recovered.


Beginning of operations of the Fluvial Water Treatment Plant, capable of treating approximately 2 million liters of water​ per hour.


Almost 550,000 cubic meters of tailings has been removed.

Areas of action

See the main actions by area: social, environmental, works and security. To learn all actions, access the​ July release.


About 1,300 workers
involved in the emergency works.​

R$400 million
invested in the emergency works.

28 companies
contracted for the project work.​


More than 168 million liters
of water have been made available for human consumption, animal watering, irrigation

66 water and sediment monitoring points
along the Paraopeba and São Francisco rivers.​

More than 12 thousand animals
cared for in special centers.​


Improvements in structures
such as water level reduction and drainage channel cleaning.​

24 specialists dedicated
to monitor 38 structures
24 hours a day​

Geotechnical Monitoring Center
founded in February 2019​

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Vale´s actions

Monthly monitoring


Up to July, 171 individual indemnities were paid and Vale will continue to evaluate cases of people affected who wish to apply for this right. Also this month, we concluded with the MPT of Minas Gerais one of the definitive agreement of indemnification for families of Vale employees and third-party workers affected. In the environmental area, 750 thousand cubic meters of material were removed and transported to an area authorized by competent bodies.

Access the repair report to see details Click here

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Vale has worked with a total focus on repairing damage, with actions that include indemnities, donations to public agencies and impacted people, medical and psychological assistance, purchase of medications, among other services. In total, R$ 1.5 billion has been invested in environmental services, health materials, transportation and other logistical costs.

Access the repair report to see details Click here

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Four months after the breach of the I Dam, more than 69 thousand residents have already received emergency compensation in 15 municipalities. Vale also signed an agreement with the Association of Mining Municipalities of Minas Gerais and Brazil (Amig) to make financial contributions totaling R $ 100 million. Structural works, humanitarian assistance actions and environmental monitoring are also being carried out. To know all the actions until then, read the Monthly Repair Report.

Access the Repair Report to see details. Click here

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In addition to caring for people, Vale takes actions related to the environment. Currently, there are 65 monitoring points along the rivers near the breached dam. Tailings samples are collected at 42 points near the dam and along the river. Five turbidity curtains are installed, and more than 300,000 water, soil, tailings, and sediment analyses have been made. Learn more about all the actions, read this month's report.

Access the Repair Report to see details. Click here

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Until this month, R$100,000 was donated to each of the 274 families of affected people in Brumadinho. In total, 10 hospitals and health centers, as well as five help centers, were made available to assist people affected in different cities. On March 15, Vale also established a contribution of R$20 million to the Fire Service of Minas Gerais, in recognition of the hard work done in Brumadinho. To learn more about these and other actions, read the Monthly Repair Report.

Access the Repair Report to see details. Click here

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This month, several expenditures were made to improve support for the affected communities. R$118 million was invested in medicines, water, equipment, and logistics costs. In addition, R$2.6 million was donated to the city of Brumadinho for the purchase of emergency equipment, hiring of health professionals, and supply of more than 12 million liters of water to 15 municipalities. Check out all our actions in the complete overview.

Access the Repair Report to see details. Click here