2Q22 Production Report


2Q22 Production Report

Vale´s Production Report for the second quarter of 2022 (2Q22) was released on Tuesday, July 19th. Iron ore production increased 17% q/q to 74.1 Mt, mainly driven by the Southeastern and Southern Systems’ solid performance into the dry season. Northern System production improved 4% q/q, benefiting from favorable weather seasonality with partial offset by one-off stockpiles homogenization activities in Ponta da Madeira to adjust for moisture levels.

As a result of this one-off event, the sale of our Midwestern System (~3.5 Mt) and in order to account for greater flexibility in our production due to current market conditions, Vale is revising its annual production guidance for 2022 to 310-320 Mt. The revised guidance is in line with our value over volume philosophy.

Nickel production was 24% lower q/q mostly due to scheduled maintenance of our downstream facilities, which was partially offset by strong performance at Onça Puma. Sales were largely in line q/q as inventories built in 1Q22 were sold in 2Q22.

Copper production was in line with Q1 as the effect of Sossego SAG mill resumption in early June and stronger performance of Canadian mines were offset by both planned and corrective maintenance at Salobo plant.

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Iron Ore and pellets

  • Iron ore fines and pellets sales totalled 73.2 Mt, 23% higher q/q, while all-in premium reached US$ 7.3/t (vs. US$ 9.1/t in 1Q22).
  • Iron ore production increased 17% q/q to 74.1 Mt, mainly driven by the Southeastern and Southern Systems’ solid performance into the dry season.
  • Pellets production increased due to lower maintenance activities at Oman plant and higher pellet feed availability at Vargem Grande plant.
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  • Production from Sudbury sourced ore was lower q/q mainly due to a 28-day planned maintenance shutdown at the Copper Cliff Smelter and Refinery.
  • Nickel sales were relatively in line q/q, outpacing production by 13%, as a result of inventories strategy put in place in 1Q22.
  • Ontario mines’ run rates improved during Q2, allowing for an inventory build-up to cover for planned maintenance across the underground mines and at the Clarabelle mill in Q3.
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  • Copper sales were slightly higher q/q as a result of the postponement of a shipment from late 1Q22 to 2Q22.
  • At Sossego, production has increased as operations resumed in early June after the extended SAG mill maintenance.
  • In addition, work that had been scheduled for 2023 was brought forward, including GMD (gearless mill drive) rewinding and structural integrity work. This increased maintenance scope led to a total plant stoppage of 4.5 months, from 45 days originally.
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2Q22 Financial Report

The 2Q22 financial report will be released on July 28th. After the report´s release, some of our key executives will participate, on July 29th, in webcast with investors to present the quarter’s results. Click here to learn more about the webcast.